Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cruisin it...

Well, thanks for nothing everyone who HASNT bothered to comment here, but then again, only like 2 people know about this blog so hahaha, jokes on me. WELL, All next week I'll be in the Bahamas on a cruise with Tyler and his family so next time I post I'll have a nice tan and a few stories. In movie news, quippy huh, me and Papaw are still editing away on Crossroads. Check out his site HERE and download the current trailer there. Ill update my site one of these days now won't I..... Till next time!


Anonymous Daniel's BIggest Fan (me!) said...

See guys its not THAT hard to comment. I hate you all! Just kidding, my love is for everyone!!!!!!!!!

11:00 PM  
Anonymous amberly said...

so lets see how long u can keep this going!! lol jk, i believe in u :-/ :-D everyone thinks u're amazing and you're gonna go places, so it really doesn't matter what i think :-)

*ur #1 girl

1:32 AM  
Blogger Schenk said...
I actually just now realized you had a huge button on your myspace that said to check out your blog.
Any way, I am officially not swimming any more so I am open for any films you need me the one we need to finish.

10:16 PM  

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